Christmas Trees

We know how important picking the right Christmas Tree is, which is why we stock the best kind! Have a nice wander round with the family whilst sipping a nice cup of complimentary mulled wine and munching on a mince pie... there's no need to rush. And whilst you're here, why not visit and feed our donkeys Bella & Lola.

We offer Premium Grade Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees from 4ft to 8ft as well as taking pre-orders on trees over 8ft. (See below for more information on oversized tree pre-orders)


Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are Britain's most popular type of Tree for a number of reasons. They are the toughest, they retain there needles for longer, but most importantly they are the nicest shape and looking trees.

Once you've chosen your tree, we will net it up for you so its fit to go straight into the back of the car. We do also offer a tree delivery service if you can't or don't want to take it away with you there and then. More information on our tree delivery service can be found below.

Tips on caring for your Tree:

  • Keep it outside or in a cool place for as long as possible before moving it inside.

  • When you're ready to decorate it, chop a couple of centimetres off the stump and put it in water straightaway.

  • Water it every day - they drink lots - and try to position it away from radiators and open fires. Christmas trees don't like heat.

  • Always turn your Christmas tree lights off before watering and going to bed.

Oversized Tree Orders

As standard we stock a large variety of 4ft - 8ft Christmas Trees. However if you would like a tree bigger than 8ft we can order one in for you. And of course we are happy do deliver it direct to your door too.

All oversized tree pre-orders must be made by the 16th November (our opening day).

Tree Delivery Service

As mentioned above, we offer a delivery service for all those not able or wanting to take their tree away with them. Furthermore, as our customers have so much faith in the trees we have to offer, some simply contact us requesting a particular size and shape tree... we simply pick it for them and deliver to them on one of our delivery days. 

We deliver within a 10 mile radius at the cost of £5.00

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